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Mission & Principle

Our mission at PHI is to establish a permanent repository that preserves the rich history of holography and provides a place where scholars and the general public can witness and learn from this amazing field of technology. PHI will design, develop, assemble, and cover the first two years’ operating costs of a holography repository and donate it to a qualified institution that agrees to house, maintain, and manage it for a minimum period of time. 

PHI was incorporated in
November, 2017 by Drs. Kenneth A. Haines and James D. Trolinger, two widely recognized pioneers in the field of holography. Dr. Haines was the principle developer of the famous National Geographic hologram covers, one of which is incorporated into this brochure. Dr. Trolinger was a principal investigator in the first applications of holography in space. Haines and Trolinger have collaborated on holography projects for almost 50 years.



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