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Q. How will this project be Funded? 


PHI will accelerate the process by enabling tax-deductible contributions of valuable, rare holograms and other materials at their full value, and by employing other fund-raising strategies. Drs. Haines and Trolinger are donating their time, their hologram collections, and seed funds to PHI.


Q. Is this an art exhibit?  


This is NOT an art museum. We believe that a museum should fuse education and entertainment and represent all aspects of holography. Its mission should be to encourage people to engage with the history, impact, and continuing developments of its content. In reference to holography, most museums both past and present have failed to meet these goals for a number of obvious reasons that we intend to correct. Lighting technology for holography has improved drastically with the advent of LED and diode laser sources. Holography technology has also improved drastically with holograms that are viewable over wide angles and in full color.


Q. What areas will this cover? 


Many examples of the most outstanding holograms in existence will be on permanent display, including art, archival, commercial, display, and security holograms. We will cover the entire field and history of holography, including diverse fields such as scientific applications, commercial applications (security products, publication industry products, advertising, technology developments), as well as art. Our present collection already includes documents and examples from the earliest inventions and documents beginning in the early 1950s, including a relatively complete history of patents, company alliances, and examples of successes and failures,  legal misadventures, which affected the industry, and other important documents and examples which altered the course of development.
We will be incorporating material from many sources and individuals to represent all periods up to the present.


We will cover the new areas such as storage devices, 3D TV, and virtual and augmented reality by involving organizations that engage in new research and applications. We intend to demonstrate the process, distribute holograms, and enable visitors to produce holograms to take away as a souvenir.


The museum will become a branch of a well-established institution experienced in providing museum services for the general public, schools, and diverse individuals.



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