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Holography on Glass, 12"x18"; Circa 1990:
Carmenza Dominguez


Carmenza Dominquez, a Colombian artist, produced this limited edition of 300 pieces. At first glance the piece appears to be a simple, abstract collection of glass objects stacked in a cluttered array. But further examination reveals this to be an extremely complex and profound work of art. This is not simply an accidental arrangement of glass nor a design that could have been thrown together without extensive thought, planning, knowledge of the tools of holography, and probably several attempts before making it all work. In this piece she throws out a challenge to other art forms by creating a scene that is impossible without holography. It cannot be replicated with painting, photography, or even sculpture.

If viewing original art is important with paintings, it is absolutely vital with some holograms, especially this one. The photograph provides a mere hint of what is included in the overall work, which does an excellent job of exploiting the medium of holography. This photo is merely a guide for the discussion of the holographic image, which must be seen to make the discussion finally meaningful. I will attempt with words to describe the trick that Dominguez has played on us, since it cannot be done with photography, painting or any other medium.

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